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3 Powerful Secret Tips for Network Marketing Success – 2017 Update

exercise self control for mlm success

I’ve combined my former 3-part series of tips for network marketing success into a 1-stop resource you can use to move your business into the area of…

Yes! I did it!

This industry isn’t hard. It’s just not simple.

There are mines to navigate. Do it right & you’ll succeed. Do it wrong and BOOM! You’re done…

In this 3 part series each part will focus on one Mental idea & one Marketing idea.

Tips for Network Marketing Success: Self Control

The first Mental idea you must master is Self Control.

Napoleon Hill tells us in The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons that:

“All successful people grade high on self control! All ‘failures’ grade low, generally zero, on this important law of human conduct.”

Where can a lack of self control show up and damage your MLM business?

By the way, even though I grew up painfully shy, I still managed to quickly place over 500 reps into one of my businesses. Watch the video where I expose the secrets.

Jumping Ship

It’s absolutely amazing how many people in network marketing jump ship from “deal” to “deal”. One minute I see folks on social media promoting a company and then next month they’ve found the “next great thing”.

That’s a lack of self control.

People you look up to as successes in this industry got there because they drew a line in the sand. They chose their company and finally said,

“I’m in. I’m winning here, that’s it period!”

They probably said this in their 5th or 6th company, so don’t feel too bad…LOL

My point is that jumping from company to company is revealing your inability to exercise self control. Find where you “fit” and feel passionate and you work that opportunity until you succeed or die.

Misusing Social Media

Depending on how often you’re on my blog you may or may not know my stance on marketing.

I don’t promote offline marketing. Not because it doesn’t work but because it only works for a select few (those who come to table with a warm market list that Respects them…great examples are attorneys, doctors, established local businesspeople, etc).

I created an international downline by blogging after many years of struggling offline so it’s simply based on my own experience.

Actually, there were times during my struggles with the 3-foot rule, Starbucks 1on1’s, inviting folks to our Tues night Burbank CA opp meetings, etc when I saw some success & synergy.

The challenge for me was I still never ENJOYED the actual activities…which I know is a key to working the Law of Attraction.

Personally, I LOVE performing the online strategies that work well, such as blogging, paid media, etc. Hey, if you love talking to one person for 90 minutes, go for it…I just know I can do a webinar & show 100 people my plan in the same 90 minutes.

Anyway, what I see happening on social media is networkers doing the same silly things they teach us to do offline.

Let’s go to Napoleon Hill again:

“One very common & destructive form of lack of self control is the habit of talking too much. People of wisdom, who know what they want & are bent on getting it guard their conversation carefully…It is nearly always more profitable to listen than it is to speak.”

When you go to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and say things like, “I have the best opportunity in the world, come join me”, or “Our products are so awesome & we have a sale this month. Contact me to buy.”

It smacks of unprofessionalism & lack of self control.

Worst of all it doesn’t work. Does it? LOL

Tips For Network Marketing Success On Social Media

So how can you develop self control with your social media marketing?

Pay attention to the above Napoleon Hill quote & LISTEN. Yes, listen on social media. If you do you’ll find the right people to market to.

Successful marketing on social media means sharing tips & solutions that are relevant to your core audience.

It does you no good to shout on Twitter that your product does wonders for diabetes if I don’t have diabetes! I really don’t care, right? It does you no good to shout on Facebook that your product is the best makeup line on the planet if I don’t care about makeup.


You need targeted social media followers. People looking for the solutions your products provide. Then, instead of shouting at them you should be offering them tips that help their lives, get them to like & trust you, and get them to WANT to contact you.

I get into more detail in my social media section. Click here for that training.

What We Learned Today

Develop & practice self control as you build your business. This means staying true to your company of choice. It means becoming educated on social media techniques that develop trust in you in the mind of your prospect.

It also means learning how to restrain from talking too much on the phone with prospects. Listen at every chance you get.

In Part 2 of this mini-series (found below) of tips for network marketing success I talk about a vital mindset you must attain if you ever expect to win.

I also expand on the idea of becoming a trusted ADVISOR to your prospects.

If you’re a bit impatient I’ll let you know that a blog is vital. It’s your Internet HUB.

How To Become An Empowered MLM Professional

One of the best tips for network marketing success I ever received was from a guy who taught me to be strategic in my marketing. There IS a better, more strategic way to building your MLM business than hitting up your lazy Uncle Bob for the 9th time 🙂

By the way, even though I grew up painfully shy, I still managed to quickly place over 500 reps into one of my businesses. Watch the video where I expose the secrets. (Or click the banner below to watch)


Part 2: 2 Network Marketing Secrets Revealed – Becoming The Trusted Advisor

tips for network marketing success

Network marketing secrets revealed!

Are these really “secrets” I’m revealing? Yes & no, I would say. The word “secret” brings to mind that there’s some sort of “magic formula” to creating a large international downline.

In reality, there’s absolutely nothing magical or secretive about it. It takes a combination of mental focus/clarity and proper marketing skills.

As I told you above, each part of this 3-part series will focus on one Mental idea & one Marketing idea.

Network Marketing Secrets Revealed: Accurate Thought

Once again let’s go to Napoleon Hill for guidance on this mental practice. In The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Hill says

“Know YOURSELF & you know the entire human race. There is but one real achievement & that’s the ability to THINK ACCURATELY.”

What does Hill mean by Accurate Thought?

The first fundamental is to develop your ability to separate FACTS from mere INFORMATION.

The second fundamental to separate facts into two areas: important & unimportant (or relevant & irrelevant).

Accurate Thought & Network Marketing

interesting tips for network marketing successThere’s plenty of “information” inside the MLM industry, isn’t there?

If you’re not careful it’s easy to get bush-wacked with irrelevant information in terms of successfully building your organization.

If you’re not careful you can spend a ton of time on the wrong activities…activities that keep you from your goal of steadily building your business over time.

Expanding on Napoleon Hill’s Accurate Thought concept, take a look at what Tai Lopez has to say about your “Black & White Mind”…it’s along the same lines:

OK, I already talked about “jumping ship” & social media tactics that get you nowhere.

I also promised to expand on how you can become a trusted ADVISOR in the eyes of your prospects.

Let’s move into how using Accurate Thought can help you accomplish this…

By the way, if you want to know the super simple system our team uses to get our presentation in front of 3-5 qualified prospects DAILY, click here (works for ANY MLM business).

Becoming a Trusted Advisor To Your Prospects

trust in business

Important Bald-Headed Englishman Story

There’s plenty of ways to build a network marketing business that some folks say are the ONLY CORRECT WAYS.

I remember back when I first started having success recruiting folks by ignoring every traditional offline technique in the book. Using 100% online methods to attract and recruit folks I was building my organization all over the planet.

My upline and I decided to attend a local seminar our company brought out to Los Angeles. This guy they used to call the bald-headed Englishman gets on stage and starts spouting about how using the Internet doesn’t work.

His exact words to us that Friday night were: “anyone using the Internet is an absolute fool”.

I Looked At My Upline Like “Whaaaaaat?”

The bald-headed Englishman made the concept very “black & white”.

The Internet simply doesn’t work to build a network marketing organization, he said.

Yet, here I was looking at a back office filling up with hundreds of people ranging from America to Canada to Australia to Japan to South Africa to Europe.

I was building an international team doing none of the bald-headed guy’s offline stuff that I honestly didn’t enjoy doing.

And I know from my limited knowledge of how our subconscious minds work that if I don’t enjoy something then I’ll be hard-pressed to become good at it.

I thoroughly enjoyed (and still do!) using online techniques to find targeted prospects for my business. And I became damn good at it…LOL

What the bald guy couldn’t understand is that I was successful at recruiting an international downline because my prospects saw me as their trusted advisor.

Let me first give you some idea of why the Internet is made for MLM & how most people are doing it all wrong.

The Internet Is Made For MLM

Marketing your products & opportunity online is fantastic because the Internet allows you to target a specific “niche“.

If your product is coffee, it’s easy to attract coffee lovers.

If your product helps a certain health condition or in losing weight, it’s easy to attract people concerned with that health challenge or who want to lose weight.

Why Most Networkers Can’t Get The Internet To “Work”

Whole BUNCH of reasons for this.

To keep it brief, one major obstacle is the replicated website or store front your MLM company may have provided you.

Problem: They’re all the same. There’s nothing unique. Google (and other search engines) doesn’t like this. So Google basically kills your ability to rank your company site.

Another obstacle is a lack of proper Internet training.

As I mentioned above & discuss in my social media section, most MLM reps are simply shouting the same nonsense online that they do offline when they cold prospect at the mall or try the silly “3-foot rule”.

Another obstacle: your company may be in the dark ages & actually discourages you from using the Internet. Let me just say it:

That’s plain dumb

There are many other reasons why most network marketers can’t turn the Internet into a 24/7, automated lead generation MACHINE.

Every single factor goes back to one single reason: Accurate Thought has been thrown out the window.

By the way, my intention here isn’t to insult anyone. If you’ve struggled to this point I get it! I struggled 20 years offline, then for a time online…but once I was taught how to think about the Internet “accurately”…my business was transformed!

So I get it…just like me at first, you simply haven’t been exposed to the proper way to use online marketing to build your business.

My intention is to help you overcome this challenge.

So, How Do You Become a Trusted Advisor?

You blog.

Ta da! Network marketing secrets revealed…LOL

Seriously, though, you blog. Blogging is how I built an international downline. I go into great detail about this lead generation method in my Best MLM Leads post.

You will, too, if you embrace it.

Success in network marketing is all about 4 things:

  1. Lead generation/build relationships
  2. Conversion to sales
  3. Monthly consumption of your products
  4. Recruiting folks into your downline

Your Blog Handles Step 1 For You

If you can’t generate leads it doesn’t matter how great you are at converting to sales or cultivating a team culture, right?

Blogging solves your lead generation problem (without breaking any of your company rules or government regulations) because you don’t blog about your company, your products or your opportunity blatantly.

chris brogan start with a blogInstead, you blog about the PROBLEMS your products SOLVE.

You’re in your company because you’re passionate about the RESULTS of your products, correct?

So, if you’re in a coffee MLM, you start a “benefits of coffee” blog and simply create content about these benefits.

THEN, you steer your reader toward your replicated site or store.

If you’re in a health & wellness MLM, you start a blog about health & wellness.

Make up company? Legal company? Travel company?

Doesn’t matter…It always works the same.

Your readers come to appreciate your content, tips & advice. As they come to like & trust you they eventually WANT to buy and/or join you when you link them over to your replicated company site.

You’ve become their TRUSTED ADVISOR inside the niche your company’s products naturally place you in.

You’ve separated yourself from the pack, so to speak, of everyone else in your company. You’ve created your own “niche” within your niche.

As your readership grows, your lead flow grows. As your lead flow grows, your business thrives.

And your leads are REAL PROSPECTS. They already feel like they “know” you from your blog’s content.

Getting the picture?

I hope you are. Once I started blogging my business building felt effortless. No longer was I “pushing” people. They came to me.

In Part 3 below, I expand on this idea more so you can fully understand how blogging will revolutionize your network marketing business.

Part 3: Secret to Network Marketing Online – Your Marketing HUB

secrets in network marketing

This section marks Part 3 in my 3-part tips for network marketing success series.

Like I said above, be careful of the word “secret”.

There’s nothing MAGICAL or MYSTICAL about creating an international downline as you market on the Internet.

The “secret” is hard work & dedication…and knowing the right areas to focus your hard work on, which is the entire point of my rantings over the last couple days…LOL

Speaking of Knowledge let’s consult with Napoleon Hill once more…

Gathering Knowledge

“There are two major methods of gathering knowledge, namely, by studying, classifying and assimilating facts which have been organized by other people, and through one’s own process of gathering, organizing and classifying facts, generally called ‘personal experience’.”

The above words are in The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

I’ve focused on one Mental tip & one Marketing tip in each of the last 3 days because both are vital.

You need to work hard. But there’s nothing worse than working your ass off on the WRONG marketing techniques.

I learned this by gathering, organizing and classifying my OWN facts. I learned the hard way. I ignored the advice of others who came before me for too long.

My intention is to help you avoid going down the long, dark path of trying this, trying that, getting off course, getting back on course…yuck!

Who Am I Talking To?

Before I finalize Part 3 with marketing info allow me to clarify who I’m speaking to.

I’m talking to you if:

  • you’re tired of doing 1on1 coffee shop meetings
  • you’re tired of inviting 10-15 people a week to an opp meeting only to see 0-2 show up
  • you’re tired of the 3-foot rule
  • you’re tired of seeing your Twitter or Facebook posts go ignored
  • you’re tired of setting new goals every 3-6 months because the last set of goals always go unmet

Your Marketing Hub

All right, so if you enjoy the fact that you need to talk to 100 people offline to find 1-3 quality reps, have at it…LOL

If you’re ready to become a professional ONLINE network marketer, let’s move forward…

Now, if you disbelieve anything I say next then I challenge you to gather the correct knowledge by contacting 5 leaders in the industry with an Internet presence.

Ask them exactly how they’ve risen to the top. Even the guys who preach OFFLINE marketing methods have what I call a Marketing Hub.

They have a blog.

Yes, We’re Back to Blogging

You need to “own” your own piece of Internet Real Estate.

Understand This –  you don’t own any of the following profiles: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

If you do or say something against their Terms of Service an account with 1, 3, 5+ years of content can be gone, WIPED CLEAN, instantly.

The same goes for so-called free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, etc.

If your entire web presence is depending on any of these types of services you’ve placed your business & all your hard work at risk.

Setting up your own “paid” blog is the only way to OWN a piece of the Internet.

You’re paying for the right to do and say as you please.

Hub – A Whole Different Ball Game

Your blog becomes your Marketing Hub. Everything else you do online points straight back to your hub.

Your focus changes too.

Instead of focusing your social media activity on a desperate attempt to get cold leads to your company’s replicated website or store (see Part 2 above for why these don’t work), you now focus your hard work on moving your cold social leads to your blog.

Think of your social media channels as the handshake at a social event. Your blog is the relationship building mechanism.

Re-read the 4 keys to MLM success in Part 2 above.

The first piece of your marketing funnel you must fix is your ability to generate quality leads & build a relationship with them.

If you don’t master that skill then you’ll never build a predictable business of sales, monthly consumption and team building.

The Cool Part

Back to Napoleon Hill’s quote about Gathering Knowledge…you have an opportunity to leverage my experience & past MLM heartbreak.

My personal discovery has been that consistently blogging helps overcome the need to become a technical online marketing wizard.

To clarify, I never did any hardcore split testing of sales pages, looking at analytics & stats all day long, or any of the other (to me) boring & uninspiring technical analysis stuff the Internet can take you down.


I’ve simply focused on being a real human being who’s consistently put out content to the best of my ability to my target market:

people who are already telling me through their Google searches that they’re interested in solving the problems my product solves.

And that’s all YOU need to do.

Get Started

I encourage you to just start…make a commitment to yourself, your family and your business to blog.

Is there stuff to learn? Of course. Will your blog turn into a 24/7 lead generation machine overnight? Of course not.

But remember the story of the tortoise & the hare?

While everyone else in your company is busy setting up 1on1’s, inviting people who don’t show up or bugging the guy at the shoe store… THINKING that all their “busy-ness” will HOPEFULLY turn into results…

…you’ll be steadily blogging away…

…until you see that 10 people a day are visiting your blog

…then 50

…then 100

…then 500

…then 1000 people a DAY are on your blog

…warming up to you

…seeing you as their trusted advisor

…and buying your products

…and joining your team

It happened to me.

My intention is to make sure it happens for you.

Let Me End With This

Go forth and start blogging. Do it somewhere. Just get started.

It’s true that there are complicated as well as simple ways to set up your blog.

If you’d like the simplest way I’ve found to date, I invite you to click the banner below & learn how my simple system can have you literally set up & blogging today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3 part series & that it’s helped enlighten you as to what’s possible & that your dreams WILL come true once you market in an efficient manner. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Til next time,


blog presentation

Did you get value from today’s post  about tips for network marketing success? Learn something new? How will you use this information inside your business to generate more traffic, leads, sales and reps? Let me know in the comments below…

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