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Is An Online Network Marketing Lead Better For Your Business Than Offline Leads?

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Updated March 9 2015

What do you think? If you could harness the process of generating online network marketing lead after lead…

  • Would it be better than investing time at local mixers, getting business cards & following up?
  • Or better than using the 3-foot rule at your local bookstore?
  • Or better than inviting your work contacts to next Tuesday’s opportunity meeting?

My Experience Says Yes

I don’t know if that surprises you or not but here’s why I say that…

It’s all a matter of psychology. Which scenario do you think gives you the best chance to sell your products or recruit a new rep:

One where you randomly “hit me up” at the supermarket or if I contact you from your blog with questions?

Scenario #2 wins hands down. Will you sell to or recruit 100% of those contacting you from your blog? Of course not.

But the percentages are far more in your favor when you’ve done the upfront work it takes to generate your own network marketing leads online.

When a person has looked up info at the search engines, found your blog post and then wants to engage with you…that’s a home run as they look at you as their trusted advisor.

When I’m sipping coffee with my wife at my local bookstore & get interrupted by you and your sales pitch you’re in a dangerous position.

First, I’m probably annoyed that you’re interfering with my family time. Second, I have no earthly idea who you are and am not remotely in a buying or joining mindset.

I hope you consider that seriously as you work to build your MLM business to great heights.

DISCLAIMER: Am I saying offline tactics don’t work? Of course not. There are countless networkers who have successfully created network marketing businesses before the Internet was invented and since 🙂

I personally never enjoyed the process offline and the immense time required. We must ENJOY the process…it’s a key aspect to the Law of Attraction. If you enjoy the offline methods, by all means go for it!

Navigating The Sometimes “Murky” Online Waters

Here’s where things can get hazy really quickly…

Where can you find the BEST leads on the Internet?

Have you ever seen ads for Lead Companies that will sell you “fresh MLM leads”? Sounds great, huh?

Not so fast. Usually those “hot, fresh” leads are names they pulled off those late-night “get rich quick” type ads. Yup, they’re usually worthless.

If you want to try it don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re calling out of service phone numbers or reaching people who say,

“I have absolutely no interest in network marketing. How the hell did you get my number?!”

Another option might be solo ads. I’ve been down that path, too. There are very, very few solo ad campaigns that will bring you the results you’re looking for.

The problem is you’re usually reaching a huge pool of people who have been in and out of network marketing or who just have a general interest in “making money online”…

…Meaning they are looking for some gimmicky get-rich-quick “share a link” type of deal that will turn them into instant millionaires.

If you’re looking for solid business builders for your downline…well, good luck with solo ads.

DISCLAIMER: Am I saying ALL purchased leads or ALL solo ad campaigns are worthless? Of course not 🙂

Generating The Best Network Marketing Leads Online

I can hear you possibly asking,

OK, Matt, if the Internet is so great for generating “hot” MLM leads then what do I do?

My recommendation is to blog. I referenced it above but you need to understand why blogging is powerful for building a network marketing downline.

Let’s step back a second and ask ourselves this:

What’s the lifeblood of your business?

Prospects, right?

If you’re anything like me back when I got started in my very first MLM company then you’re waking up each day excited about your opportunity but at the same time feeling a pit in your stomach because you have no earthly idea who you’re going to talk to about your business!

Did I hit the nail on the head…LOL

The problem with a lot of the usual “trainings” put on by most network marketing companies is they teach you an extremely untargeted way of gathering leads.

They teach you the “3 foot rule”, to build a warm contact list, to hit up people at work, call people you knew 15 years ago, scour the local malls, etc.

It’s network “MARKETING”…

It’s NOT called network “throw a dart & hope it hits the right target”…


Real Marketing Is Targeted

A true marketer identifies his or her best customer & then targets their marketing message to only that one type of person.

They don’t go to the mall, throw a dart and hope they can sell whoever the dart hits!

You’ll build a large organization if you identify who best fits what you offer and then craft a marketing message to that exact profile.

For example, if you’re in a health & wellness MLM company with products that specifically help lower blood pressure you should be focused on attracting prospects looking for this solution.

You can choose to run around the mall shotgunning your message to anyone within 3 feet or…

You can find a way to market exclusively to those people who want and need a product to help them lower their blood pressure.

How To Target Your Best Prospect

There are several options: social media, paid marketing, blogging…

I use all 3.

But the most effective I’ve experienced by far is blogging. And it’s not hard to create content for it.

Social media activity and paid marketing are Interruption Marketing. You’re interrupting folks when they’re hanging out on Facebook or any of the other social media platforms.

Again, these tactics work & I make use of them.

But when you take the time to build a blog you’re setting yourself up for a residual lead flow that will last forever (or as long as civilization remains intact, at least).

My best online network marketing leads (by far!) come through my blog.

This is because folks get the opportunity to get to know me through my writing, videos or audios. They get a feel for who I am as a person.

Remember that people buy from and join people they like and trust.

If you want people to get to know you and trust you in this busy world, then build your blog.

If you’re a bit unsure about the process for creating your blog…the domain name selection, how to promote it, etc…then I invite you to click here & learn about the system myself & others are using as a Branding Station (including a blog & trainings for how to become a Top Producer, build team culture, etc)

They Asked For The Information

This is a huge distinction between your blog and your social media (or paid advertising) efforts.

Your blog readers went to a search engine like Google and typed in some sort of keyword phrase that matched the content you placed on one of your blog’s posts.

Think that through…

They basically asked for a solution to a problem at Google and Google delivered them to YOU.

If your blog post answers their question in a real and honest way they’re going to like you. They might bookmark your blog and come back again later.

They might join your email list.

They might subscribe to your RSS feed.

They might see your Facebook page widget and become a fan. Or your Twitter widget and become a follower…

They might just buy or join you right away.

I’ve experienced all of this on the very blog you’re reading now.

The point is you’ve positioned yourself to be their best solution exactly when they’re looking for that solution.

That’s huge and that’s why blogging allowed me to build an international downline after years of struggling with all that offline stuff.

I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the possibilities blogging can have on your network marketing business. If this has been enlightening to you let me know in the comments below how you plan to use this info.

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