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MLM Leads – Learn What Works in 2017 To Generate Network Marketing Leads

MLM Leads - Promote Your Multi Level Marketing Business Worldwide

People that succeed with generating MLM leads do two things extremely well:

First, they learn the dividing line between network marketing lead generation methods that work well and those that don’t.

Second, they leave the “get rich quick”, “free network marketing leads”, “something for nothing” stuff behind…

…and focus all their time & attention on the best way to get MLM leads, which does actually take work, time & just a little bit of cash outlay.

Don’t worry:

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know:

  • exactly what they know,
  • why they avoid so-called network marketing systems,
  • and how to become an unstoppable MLM lead generator

Most vital: you’ll get actionable steps that lead to generating daily prospects for your business on autopilot.

But first:

I’ll lay the groundwork for the understanding you need in order to become one of the successful ones…

…and what to avoid so you don’t end up in the MLM graveyard of folks who say, “I tried but I just couldn’t get people to listen to me.”

By the way, I define success in network marketing as generating 5, 10, 15 or more leads per day who not only are interested in what you offer but FEEL as though they already KNOW YOU.

Let’s get started:

Your Company, Your Upline & Why Their Advice For Getting MLM Leads Is Probably The Dumbest Thing Ever In The World Of Business

I’m sure you like your company and probably respect your upline.

With that said, their advice most likely includes the following ways to generate network marketing leads:

  • 3-foot rule
  • Scouring your local mall
  • Creating and calling a warm contact list
  • Calling resume lists
  • Inviting cold prospects to weekly opportunity meetings
  • Putting on hotel meetings
  • Shouting on Twitter about how you have the best products EVER!
  • Shouting on Facebook about how you have the best home based business EVER!
  • Spamming your company’s replicated site or store on Instagram
  • Buying genealogy lists (that they don’t know are generated by TV “get rich quick” ads)

On the surface, talking to your warm market or social media contacts seems to make sense.

But here’s the interesting thing:

What if you were going to invite your Aunt Martha to your wedding…

…which method would YOU use:

1) First you verify that she’s interested in coming to the wedding. Then, ask her or your mom for her address and send her a self-addressed stamped envelope with an invitation to attend.


2) Take $10,000 out of your bank account and get a local printer to make 10,000 copies of the invitation. Then, spend more money to hire a pilot to fly over the city your aunt lives in and randomly drop invitations. Your hope is that Aunt Martha will magically see one of the invitations dropped in her yard.

Let me guess:

You’d choose option #1.


Most network marketing leaders would choose option #2 when it comes to advising you on how to build your business.

Is that crazy or what?

We all “get” that targeted marketing is the best way to invite folks to a wedding, but when it comes to building an MLM business, we resort to “shotgun” marketing.

We shoot buckshot randomly and hope/pray it hits the “right” people who will join us or buy from us.

If you think that’s a dumb way to generate MLM leads, well…

…you’d be right!

Before we move on, allow me to further drive this point home:

Why Hotel Meetings Or Business Overview Invites Just Don’t Work…For Most Networkers…And What To Do About It

Here’s one way we’re all told to build a network marketing business:

Hold events where you share information with a local audience.

With this method for generating business, you would:

Set the date…

Look at other important events in your area. Make sure yours doesn’t clash. While there’s never a “perfect” date pick one that seems to work best for a majority of people.

Talk to your upline and see if he or she will host it. Having someone with more info and status than you is supposed to help get more people motivated to join your business.

Decide where to host the event…

You want the venue to be comfortable for everyone so they’ll listen to what you have to share.

In addition, it might be a good idea to serve snacks and drinks. Make sure food and drinks are acceptable at your venue (and make sure you have the money for this in your bank account).

Choose a venue that fits less people than you invite. They won’t all show up anyway. You want to create an appearance of a full house.

A general rule is to invite enough people where 10% of your invitees will fit in your venue. If 20 people will fit comfortably, invite 200.

Invite 200 People?

And here lies the problem:

Most folks I’ve trained over the years DO NOT have a quality list of 200+ local people to invite.

Do you have a list of 200 local people who know you?

If not, and to be blunt, offline MLM marketing is a major pain in the ass. You have to be willing to use the 3-foot rule, cold calling or mall stalking to generate your MLM leads.

Sounds like fun, huh?

No, Generating MLM Leads Offline Is Not Fun…You Know It, I Know It & Your Downline Knows It

Deep down you know it’s true:

Even though company trainings revolve around these offline methods…

…we all know that most people you successfully recruit DO NOT want to contact their friends & family…

…or cold call the phone book…

…or scour the local mall…

…or hit up people when their family is out to eat…

If your team doesn’t want to do those old, outdated, miserable things…how is your business going to grow?

I Know, We’ll Just Call a Lead Company & Buy MLM Leads…Problem Solved!

Not so fast:

There are 3 types of network marketing leads you can purchase:

  • Generic business opportunity leads
  • Co-registration leads
  • MLM genealogy leads

I go into full detail about these methods here, but here’s the quick lowdown:

Put simply:

Don’t waste your time and money on this crap.

Generic business opportunity leads: The worst kind of “lead”. They’re usually the result of silly classified ads or late-night “get rich quick” ads run on television.

These people are looking for some free gift or way to make money without effort.

Co-registration leads: These are generated when someone opts out of one marketing list and is presented with a list of 10 or 15 other offers they can checkmark.

They have no interest in building a network marketing business.

MLM genealogy leads: Supposedly, these are created from people with a history of working MLM at some point.

The problem:

They are usually outdated, the folks have had their fill of network marketing, or worse, you may be breaking National Do Not Call List or identify theft laws.

Make sure you read the post I linked to at the top of this section where I detail these ineffective lead sources in more detail.

Damn It Man! What’s The Solution To Effective MLM Leads…It’s Gotta Be The Internet, Right?

OK, no one likes doing the offline crap & buying leads doesn’t work…

What’s the next logical step?

I know! We’ll use the Internet as our MLM lead generator.

Problem solved, right?

Not so fast!

Most MLM reps use the Internet the same ineffective way they use local offline methods: Bugging the hell out of folks and turning people off.

Spamming your Facebook network with endless pitches about how great your skin care or legal products are is annoying. Pitching folks on Twitter about your wonderful juice goes ignored.

Doesn’t it?

It’s frustrating because you hear about how great the Internet is but your company promotes activity for social media that doesn’t work.

OK, let’s move into the success cycle, shall we?

How You Will Create Quality MLM Leads

If you get anything out of my words today please understand that the quickest way to destroy your chances for success in network marketing is to refuse to learn how to become a professional marketer.

If you want to generate MLM leads who have a true interest in what you offer you must be willing to learn and implement the best of what the Internet provides us.

  • I created an international downline without doing one 1on1 Starbucks meeting or dragging anyone to a local opp night.
  • I didn’t ever use the 3-foot rule as I did errands with my family.
  • I didn’t ever buy leads from “get rich quick” scamsters.
  • I didn’t ever lead with my business on Twitter or Facebook.
  • I did none of that stuff I see 99% of networkers doing.

And, yet, I grew an international downline with folks from America, Australia, Canada, S. Africa, Europe, Japan, etc on my team.

How is that even possible, you might be wondering…

What I did is create my own marketing HUB where the people already interested in my products and their solutions easily found me through Google…

But First, Your Mindset Regarding MLM Lead Generation Must Shift

I’ve detailed why offline methods and bought leads don’t work for most folks. We’re almost to the solution and the action steps to take to put it into place.

But there’s more to this story:

In the end the only thing that will guarantee you success or failure is YOU and your EFFORT and your ability to MARKET in an intelligent way.

If you’re spamming your social media networks or using the 3-foot rule nonsense then I say, “good luck to ya”.

You must be willing to become excellent at MARKETING.

There’s a big difference between marketing & prospecting.

Marketing means:

  • learning how to use the Internet to identify a niche
  • putting together quality content that meets the needs of that niche
  • having a long-term outlook
  • diligently moving more people from that niche over to digesting your trust building content

If you’re not willing to work hard at becoming a better network MARKETER, then of course you’re going to struggle and get eaten alive by folks who know how to market efficiently.

The good news is you can learn how to market in a way that attracts quality leads into your funnel and into your business.

The key to marketing online boils down to 3 things:

  • create value
  • PRE-sell your market
  • offer solutions that make sense to that market

There’s no other way to do it.

Yet network marketers are notorious for doing nothing but SHOUTING about their great company, product or opp.

It just doesn’t work because nobody cares until they know more about YOU.

Look at the size of your business…has it worked for you to yell on social media, use the 3-foot rule or do endless 1on1 coffee shop meetings?

OUCH, I know…

…that’s why you’re here searching for an answer that works.

When you take the ACTION STEPS I outline below, you’ll provide the upfront value that’ll PRE-sell your visitors on how cool you are & how much you know about helping them with their problems…

…and when you position your product and business as the ultimate solution to their problems, they’ll LISTEN.

They’ll contact you.

Isn’t that different from what you’re currently experiencing as you constantly chase folks down?


While this post is focused on helping you understand how to generate the best MLM leads, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include this “side note” info as well.

No amount of marketing technique is going to help you if you’re not powering those efforts with the right emotions and expectations.

There is training all over the Internet that will teach you how to use Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogging, etc, to power your biz forward. Most folks who fail to ever see success put in hours upon hours doing all that stuff…

…all the while never truly BELIEVING it will “work”.

If they would have tapped into the power of belief, they would have seen a drastically different result (or, heck, maybe this never was the “right” type of business for them…and that’s perfectly OK…the key is thinking through all that stuff BEFORE taking action).

With that said:

I must point out that your mind is 99% of your success in this industry (and life!)

You must:

  • think through what you want
  • believe that what you want is achievable
  • have the mental fortitude to act on that belief until your goal is accomplished

And therein lies the problem with network marketing: most folks honestly don’t know what they want…

…or they don’t believe they can have what they want…

…or they don’t have the internal “stuff” to continue taking appropriate action when the “going gets tough”.

Really? You mean the road might get tough?

Yes, my friend, it will…it does for all of us…make sure you’re willing to stick this out for the long-term…

Is MLM Even The Right Avenue For You?

Yes, I encourage you to think through whether this type of business is right for you.

Wow! Blasphemy!

Am I saying that the MLM industry isn’t “right” for every walking human being?

Of course I am. I fully understand there are people who say, “this business is so easy even a monkey could make a killing at it”.

And to those folks, I say “shame on you”. Shame on you for making this industry sound petty and magical. Shame on you for making people who aren’t cut out for it to feel like failures.

Remember this: most of us were born into middle income families where business strategies were never exposed.

Instead, we were told to go to school, be good little boys and girls, study hard, get a degree and then go out and get jobs…working for people who were cut out to be business owners.

For most of us, there are many thought patterns that need to be changed. Internal belief systems that must be rooted out and replaced with more effective beliefs that lead to business success.

Maybe self confidence issues need to be addressed.

Depending on where you sit mentally when entering the network marketing industry, you may be ready to start generating MLM leads immediately…

…or, you might need to go through a time of trying this, trying that, developing your business and communication skills, learning more effective marketing methods than dragging Uncle Bob down to “opp night” for the 17th time, etc.

You might have to fail for a time. But I never call it failing…simply LEARNING…GROWING…

…Transforming into the person who can lead others and eventually build a large organization that equates to whatever you define as a “dream income stream”.

If you’re not willing to go through all of the above, then you really don’t need network marketing advice at all…you need to find a different business path that better fits what you really want out of life.

OK, So You Do Indeed Want To Win In MLM

Once you make the commitment, the rest is far from rocket science.

First of all, invest time daily to “feed your mind” properly so you become more positive. We live in an incredibly negative world.

It’s amazing how many negative thoughts barrage our brains daily, from the TV, Facebook, or simply having dinner over at a friend’s or family member’s home.

Most folks think through all the ways something will go wrong before they’ll entertain what can go right.

The most effective piece of network marketing advice I can give you is to purposely listen to positive audios so that each day you’re filled with the wonder of possibility this world has to offer those of us willing to open ourselves up to it, feel grateful for the wonders waiting for us, etc.

I Ain’t Talkin’ “Positive Thinking” Either

getting MLM leads requires correct emotional outputThis isn’t “positive thinking”. I don’t believe in that because it doesn’t work.

If you “think” positively but “feel” negatively, your negative emotions will always win out.

The Universe, or God, whatever you personally believe in, responds to your emotional output.

If your emotional output is negative, you’ll experience more negativity and misery. If your emotional output is positive, then positive things will reach back to you.

You must not only set goals, but you need to whip yourself into an emotional frenzy of expectation…believing your goals will be met…KNOWING you will obtain everything you’re going after.

You must emotionally connect with what you say you want. I recommend you read, “Ask & It Is Given”…it will teach you how to move up the ladder of emotions, leaving despair, frustration and depression behind as you move up into expectation and joy.

Or, check out this site. Feelingisthesecret.org

We’re Almost To The Action Steps For Generating Your Best MLM Leads

OK, now that you know how vital YOU are in the mix, let’s look at how successful professionals generate MLM leads:

Let’s recap just a bit…

What type of marketing should you do?

Any type that gets you and your company presentation in front of interested prospects.

The key word in that last sentence is “interested”.

Think about what’s taught inside the network marketing industry…doing absolutely silly things like:

  • building a “warm contact list”
  • doing the “3 foot rule”
  • spending wasted money on hotel meetings
  • dragging folks to weekly opportunity meetings (most don’t show up anyway)
  • etc.

As I’ve mentioned:

There’s nothing targeted at all about that stuff.

Why in the world would we expect everyone we know or anyone we happen to bump into at Starbucks to be interested in buying our products or getting into our business?

THINK about the absurdity of it.

Once I was introduced to the combination of INTERNET marketing with NETWORK marketing, it all changed. I learned that you can target the specific type of person already searching for the solutions your products and business provide.

WOW! What a concept! Talking to people actually interested in what you have to say…LOL

What’s Really Cool About This Method For Getting Targeted MLM Leads…

…is that you only need 3 tools to do it.

I know you’re bombarded with so-called network marketing “systems” that claim to get you the best MLM leads.

Some require monthly recurring fees as high as $150-$200.

And, for the most part, they don’t work.

I know because when I was new to all this, I paid for many of them. I promoted them. I met the owners of a couple. I learned that the retention rate is horribly low.

Why? Because folks aren’t going to pay $150/month when what they’re paying for doesn’t work.

I won’t go into details here why they don’t work, but I do here.

Suffice it to say that it’s literally impossible for these “systems” to work because they encourage you to take shortcuts that undermine your success while promoting the profits of the owners of said “systems”.

You only need 3 inexpensive tools to create your own “network marketing system” that hauls in TARGETED MLM leads into your business:

That’s it…

OK, Now I Give You The Simple Action Steps To Generating Your Network Marketing Leads

The following action steps will get your first tool in place:

Your blog…

Set Up Your Hosting Plan

Click here to go to Bluehost (click the green Get Started Now button as I show in the image below).

I personally use Bluehost for a variety of reasons. Over the years, I’ve tested out other hosts like GoDaddy, Dreamhost, HostGator, A2 Web, etc and have always remained with Bluehost.

Their Support is awesome and most importantly, their back office is the most straightforward for folks new to blog hosting.

So, go to Bluehost and start your hosting account (click the green Get Started Now button as you see in the next image).

start a bluehost blog for MLM leads

Select the plan you want.

The Starter package (Update: it’s now called the Basic package) works if you know you’ll only need one domain name.

However, I suggest going with the Plus package because over time you’ll want to add multiple domains to your plan (I go over this in the video training about your Landing Page tool).

select your bluehost hosting plan

On the next page, enter the domain name you want and click “next” (for your first domain, I suggest “yourname.com”, like I do on this blog with mattzavadil.com):

enter your desired domain name

Next, enter your basic info that will set up your Bluehost account:

enter your bluehost account information

Now, select your monthly plan. If you don’t unwanted solicitation emails from SEO companies and others, then add in the Privacy Protection option.

Depending on how far out you pay for your hosting, the best monthly average price you’ll receive. For example, if you pay 2 years upfront, you’ll pay less long term than if you pay for only a one year plan.

You may be asking, “I have to pay money to get up and running?”

I get it 🙂

The answer is “yes”. If you want to generate your own MLM leads (the BEST leads that will come calling you), then you must incur a couple business expenses to do so.

select your bluehost plan

Enter your billing info:

enter your bluehost credit card information

Your login info will get emailed to you from Bluehost. Return to Bluehost & click on the Login button at top right:

click Login to enter your new bluehost account

Enter your login info:

enter your bluehost username and password

Find and click on “Install WordPress”:

bluehost for MLM leads

On the next page, click the “Install” button:

click wordpress install button

Choose your domain name that you’ll be installing your WordPress blog to:

select your new bluehost domain

At this point, just follow the instrucions from Bluehost to select a WordPress username and password. Bluehost will send you the url where you’ll login to write and make changes to your blog. Bookmark that url so it’s easy to find.

That’s it! Your self-hosted blog is set up and you can begin your blogging journey!

Did you gain the knowledge you need to start implementing your own system for generating YOUR best MLM leads? Let us know in the comments below your experience in setting up your blog…

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  • Shane Myers

    enjoyed your blog Matt. I like how you showed the typical progression of MLMers. How they start with the 3 foot rule and doing hotel meetings, etc. But if a MLMer can see the difference in branding themselves with a blog and using pull marketing….life gets a lot easier and better in business! thank you. Shane Myers.

    • Matt Zavadil

      Hey Shane, you’re welcome and you’re right…once a person starts using the Internet and blogging for attracting leads, it replaces the heavy lifting of personal prospecting and allows you to invest your limited personal time on the fun part: speaking to already interested people who already know who you are…what a difference from the old days of hearing “no” all day long.

    • Matt Zavadil

      Hey Shane, you’re right…once a person starts using the Internet and blogging for attracting leads, it replaces the heavy lifting of personal prospecting and allows you to invest your limited personal time on the fun part: speaking to already interested people who already know who you are…what a difference from the old days of hearing “no” all day long.

  • Zeth Owen

    So get your entire down line to create a blog right when they start MLM? When is the time line on this as to when a new person does these steps?
    If I’m being honest, I was under the impression that blogs are great but most people sponsored are not experts in our field and to blog right away as an authority just seems fake right?
    Good stuff though.

    • Matt Zavadil


      I want to thank you for your comment. Your last comment/question brings up something that most folks feel blocked by when new to blogging. This is the idea that you need to be an expert or authority figure in your area before blogging.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I know there are the “fake it til you make it” folks out there but the best way for a new person to start a blog is to do it honestly, based on where they’re at in their life, business, etc.

      For example, the “I’m taking you on a journey” type angle is perfect for most people new to a niche. It’s an honest approach that basically says, “Hey, I’m new to all this but I’ve found it, I’m excited about it and I’m going to blog as I grow my knowledge about it…so come along and we’ll watch what happens together!”

      Another angle you can take is to simply research your topic, write what you’ve discovered in your own words and then link to (cite) your sources. Kind of like those book reports we did back in school.

      I appreciate you bringing this up because many people allow this “block” to prevent them from getting started on an exciting blogging journey. Which is kind of sad.

      Now, let’s look at your very first question: So get your entire down line to create a blog right when they start MLM? When is the time line on this as to when a new person does these steps?

      I recommend that anyone desiring to use the Internet to build their business, generate MLM leads, etc get started with this as soon as humanly possible. It takes time to set up a blog, start content creation and get traction (visitors, leads and sales). It’s not “instant” coffee, so to speak.

      Should everyone do it? I don’t know the answer to that question. Everyone is different. There are some people in your downline who will come to the table as respected folks in their community (maybe a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc) with a sizeable warm contact list that will actually listen to their recommendation.

      Those folks can leverage that in the beginning…but remember, that’s time intensive work…to prospect that way…so they may want to eventually use the Internet to automate the lead flow and invest their precious time only speaking to people who WANT their call (based on what those leads saw on this person’s blog).

      Other people in your downline are going to hate the warm contact method from the get go. So what’s the alternative to losing them into the quiet abyss? Get them using the Internet. And if you teach them blogging, you’re getting them started the right way immediately, before they get lost in Get Rich Quick nonsense or buying deadbeat MLM leads, etc.

      Again, thanks for your questions/comments. Hope this helps… and by the way, great start on your own blog! I like what you’re doing there.