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Network Marketing Tips

Updated May 5, 2015 A quality network marketing system will help fix an issue I get asked by folks I coach. “Matt, how do I get leads for my network marketing business without doing anything…you know, push a button and all these leads flow in?” My answer is, “Ummm, you don’t.” Well, let me rephrase [...]

3 Steps: From Desperate to Empowered MLM Professional

Updated April 7, 2015 "Those who render...better service than that which they're paid sooner or later receive pay for more than they actually do." #NapoleonHill — Matt Zavadil (@matthewzavadil) March 10, 2015 How would you rate your home business growth? Are you thriving or struggling? Still searching for answers as to why folks aren't beating [...]

They’d Be Dumb Not To Join Your Biz…Right?


Ever thought that? You join your network marketing business, you're excited & you say to yourself: "This is so AWESOME & I'm gonna get RICH cause people would be stupid to say no to joining this opportunity!" The company presentation says you just gotta go get 5, they get 5, those people get 5 and [...]

success in MLM

Any attempt to give you every single step you need for achieving success in network marketing in one blog post is going to fall short. Let's just get that out of the way first...LOL There are many factors: marketing skills, people skills, and your level of confidence not only in the MLM industry, your company/products/opportunity [...]

network marketing growth

Updated March 9 2015 What do you think? If you could harness the process of generating online network marketing lead after lead... Would it be better than investing time at local mixers, getting business cards & following up? Or better than using the 3-foot rule at your local bookstore? Or better than inviting your work [...]

3 Inspiring MLM Videos To Help Move Your Business Forward

Need a little inspiration as you build your network marketing business? Sometimes watching & listening to inspiration through video can be incredibly helpful to me personally. Here are 3 videos I believe will help you in your quest to "build it big". Seriously, how can you not start moving with this one? I often work [...]

(3 minute read) As I've been re-reading The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, by Napoleon Hill, I've been jumping around. Instead of reading it straight through like I've done before I started with Lesson 11 (Accurate Thought). This morning I finished it and decided to jump into Lesson 9. Lesson 9 is called Habit [...]

yes man jim carrey

(3 minute read) You know, having success inside your network marketing business has everything to do with saying "YES". I thought of this earlier today as I was grabbing a snack in the kitchen and saw my wife was watching "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey. "You can't audit life my friend", says Terence Stamp's character. [...]

MLM Inspiration From Garrett Miles On American Idol

(2 minute read) Last night my wife and I saw Garrett Miles on American Idol. We both found it inspirational to see his spirit shine through as he played for the panel. As I watched him sing it inspired me to write this post for you, the network marketer. Nothing, of course! But in all [...]

The Key to Network Marketing Success

key 2 mlm success

Updated March 25 2015 Do you ever wonder what is the key to Network Marketing? I mean, why do we see two sets of network marketers? On one hand there are those who join their company with a lot of enthusiasm but fizzle out a few months down the line. The second group's so successful [...]