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How To Get The Best MLM Leads That Convert


So, you want the best MLM leads?

Great goal! Consistent lead flow is the key to building a successful network marketing business.

Question: what exactly defines “best” when we’re talking about MLM lead generation?

Is it any ‘ole name and phone number or is there more to it than that?

Answer: my response would be that the best leads are those folks who are furthest along the Buying Cycle…meaning they’re ready to either:

  • Buy your product right now
  • Start a new business right now

My other qualification would be that you can contact them without breaking the law and enjoying attorney visits…

…read on to see how one well-known lead generation technique could possibly land you in serious legal trouble!

Here’s where various sources of MLM business leads start separating in terms of effectiveness…

Types of Network Marketing Leads

  • Generic biz opp leads
  • Co-registration leads
  • MLM genealogy leads

There are others but these are the basic places some folks think are the best MLM leads sources.

Are these types of leads any good? Generally speaking, the answer is no.

In reality, the best network marketing leads you can get are the ones you generate on your own.

Why is that?

I’ll get into the reason why below.

Let’s first explore why I say the above lead sources aren’t usually the best sources:

Generic Business Opportunity Seeker Leads

They offer you the lowest conversion rate possibilities yet they’re the most common types of leads you’ll run into if you pay a “lead company” for them.

The challenge here is where these leads are usually sourced from. The folks generating these leads will run late-night “get rich quick” TV ads, classified ads and other types of ads that target the general population.

These are NOT people specifically interested in building a network marketing business. They’re generally folks looking for “something for nothing”.

Years ago, a buddy of mine and I bought one of these lists. We dedicated ourselves to Sunday night “call parties”.

You know how a “party” feels when it’s fun and exciting? Imagine the exact opposite feeling and you’ll understand our experience dealing with this type of lead.

Have fun calling those leads (if the phone numbers are even real numbers).

What About Co-Registration Leads? Are They Your Best MLM Leads Source?

Unfortunately, these aren’t any better than the biz opp leads. Have you ever opted out of a list you were on and were presented with a list of about 10-15 unrelated offers?

You’re asked to place a check mark next to anything you might be interested in.

Where in that process were you qualified as being specifically interested in building your own business through MLM?

Exactly…so how much quality can you expect if you buy these leads for your own business building efforts?

NOT the best MLM leads for your network marketing biz.

MLM Genealogy Leads

Hypothetically, these are supposed to be much better quality because they are compiled from people who have invested money in “working” an MLM home business at some point.

The idea is that, unlike most biz opp/co-registration leads, they’ve invested money in a business already and are likely to do so again.

There are many problems associated with using these lists.

One is the simple matter of old, outdated information. Most of these lists are severely lacking in terms of correct email, phone number, etc info.

The biggest problem with MLM genealogy lead lists is that you might be doing something illegal and breaking the law.

Yup, as this website details (the site is now gone, however, after some digging I found it archived at Wayback :), the Do Not Call list, the manner in which MLM genealogy lists are harvested & the identity theft issue all add up to re-thinking this way of building your home business.

If you’re not going to take the time to read the above link, know that MLM genealogy list reports are NOT a real listing of someone else’s downline report. Instead, they’re usually obtained illegally by using scraping software.

Do you have a replicated site from your company that lists you, your email and phone number? Reps in most companies do these days.

So-called MLM genealogy leads lists are obtained when unscrupulous “lead companies” scrape MLM replicated distributor sites and harvest the contact info. Then, they sell these to you as so-called “fantastic” genealogy report lists.

By the way, another trick some of these lead companies use? They go on Fiverr & pay people $5 to give them fake video testimonials. (go ahead, go to Fiverr.com and type “video testimonials” into their search bar. See how many folks will do it? SMH)

Nothing but a scam (and, as the above site mentions, may also get you in trouble with anti-identify theft laws). I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not deal with these kind of shady lead generation methods.

(Am I saying ALL lead companies are “scams”? Of course not. I would simply question HARD where they are getting any lead they send you.)

As an aside, I was on one lead company website and investigating their testimonials.

I found one woman to be real. I found her LinkedIn profile and guess what? The MLM company her testimonial said she was making $30,000+ a month in? She quit that back in 2008 and is now selling real estate.

What that tells me is that something is fishy here. Either those leads didn’t pan out as her testimonial said…or the income claim was made up…I don’t know, but if that lead company was providing REAL, awesome leads to YOU all these years and YOU were generating $30,000 a month back in 2008, why would you quit to go sell real estate? Hmmmmm…..

The 2nd testimonial on this MLM leads site was also a real woman. However, her updated LinkedIn profile says she’s working in retail and the only MLM reference to her I can find was on a forum from 2006.

So, the top two testimonials on this particular MLM leads site are from people who last worked in network marketing in 2006 and 2008.

Make your own conclusions about the validity of bought MLM leads…

Just in case you might think this is all scare tactics…

…allow me to show you what a cease letter looks like. Here’s one I received from the lovely folks over at Rodan + Fields when (before I was educated) I was calling from these lists a few years ago (I removed the list of references they detailed to condense the image).

…boy, I was such a schmuck back then LOL

By the way, I wasn’t saying to anyone I was with their company, but it was obvious to me how this type of lead generation could go up the chain to ANY company’s legal dept and turn into any number of weird allegations.

Suffice it to say I stopped immediately!

Don’t mess around with this nonsense. I’ll show you how to get the very best MLM leads that will listen to you…

…and that won’t get you into any legal wranglings…

What The Heck! How Do I Get The Best MLM Leads?

I understand your frustration. You’ve burned through your warm market and your efforts at using the 3-foot rule or chasing folks at the mall have you feeling desperate.

Where are the best MLM leads to be found?

I always tell my coaching clients that I have a Mother Teresa side and a Vince Lombardi side 🙂

Guess what time it is? It’s Lombardi time 🙂

The only way you’re going to move your business forward in the way I know you want to is to stop thinking like,

I’m a rep for “fill in your company name”

and instead, start thinking in these terms:

I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a businessperson. I’m not “owned” by any one company. I must run my business not as an MLM company rep but as the owner of my own individual company

I understand that you’re passionate about your company. I also know the Kool-Aid most companies try to get their reps to drink. You know what I mean:

Our product is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s for everyone. No one can say “no” to our product or opportunity!

Please stop falling for this stuff. You’re inside a business inside a niche where product is attempting to be sold. While we all love the excitement our network marketing companies bring to us at our events, live calls or webcasts we still must understand what’s going on at the end of the day.

The MLM Reality

We’re selling a product or business opportunity. There’s no magic. There’s no 100% buy or join rate.

I want you to THINK DIFFERENTLY. I want you to succeed. There’s no way to succeed until you start learning a little game called Marketing.

Marketing teaches us that sales conversions are simple math. There’s a certain percentage of the your market who will resonate with you and become your “lead”. A certain percentage of those folks will become your customers and/or team reps.

Your job is to get good at identifying your target market and then using marketing tools to get your message in front of those people.

YOU Generate Your Best MLM Leads

By the way, ever been sold on someone’s super, duper “system” that will haul in leads on autopilot? Without effort on your part? Read why this is hype & impossible

It’s time to become a true entrepreneur. In doing so, where should you start in order to generate targeted MLM leads…prospects who will most likely want to buy from you and join your organization?

I’ll let marketing industry legend Chris Brogan help us with that:

chris brogan start with blog
Isn’t that interesting? Did you ever think of a blog as “social media”?

But in fact, it’s the most important piece of Internet real estate you can ever put in place. Blogging expert Michael Hyatt says it this way:

“You wouldn’t build a house on a rented lot, right?”

What both Chris and Michael are referencing is the fact that your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn…they’re all “rented lots”. You don’t own them. If you do anything against their Terms of Service you’ll wake up one day to dead, cleared out accounts.

Your blog? Entirely different story. As long as you don’t use a freebie entity like Blogger, Weebly or Tumblr then you “own” it. You can say and do as you like. You can link anywhere you want (take THAT Facebook!).

And, it’s a proven fact that your blog will increase your lead generation and sales.

Blogging Creates Trust In The Market

Having a blog immediately separates you from all other networkers doomed to the family and friends nightmare. It makes you a trusted advisor to your potential leads and clients. Read my blog post for more about the importance of being a trusted advisor.

It also allows you to set up a residual lead generation machine that brings leads into your business 24/7 while you’re eating, sleeping or spending time with your family.

I see desperate MLM folks typing these kinds of phrases into Google:

  • MLM business lead
  • targeted MLM leads
  • MLM lead program
  • exclusive MLM lead
  • opt in MLM lead
  • network marketing leads
  • free network marketing leads
  • MLM lead generation company

The truth is that YOU are your own MLM lead generation company. YOU are the best source for exclusive MLM leads.

You want leads that are yours and yours alone? Then, think like a true entrepreneur and generate those leads on your own blog. These will be prospects who recognize your name, they know who you are, they trust you because you gave them valuable content…

They WANT to talk with you!

It’s also interesting to note that your future customers are 60% more likely to buy from you when they’ve sought out your blog content.

What Do You Blog About?

You blog about your niche. Meaning this:

No matter what company you’re in, you’re in a niche. Let me show you:

  • Organo Gold: coffee
  • Plexus: health and wellness
  • Jeunesse Global: anti-aging
  • Forever Living: aloe vera
  • FGXpress: medical devices for pain
  • Le-Vel: health and wellness, weight management
  • LegalShield: legal services

There are thousands and thousands of companies. The point is your company places you in a niche. This means your best MLM leads will come from targeting people in that niche.

  • Organo Gold rep? Target people who are ALREADY coffee lovers
  • Plexus rep? Target folks who ALREADY want to help their diabetes, high cholesterol, etc
  • Jeunesse Global rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in anti-aging products

And so on, and so on (just fill in your company and product line)

That’s what any intelligent businessperson does. A smart entrepreneur doesn’t wander the malls hoping every person they happen to bump into “might” be interested!

Yet, MLM company after MLM company is teaching this stuff as “marketing technique”.

You, as an intelligent marketer will blog about the problems your company products solve.

So, if you’re in Organo Gold you’ll have a benefits of coffee blog. If you’re a Plexus rep, you can build a blog about beating diabetes. If you’re a LegalShield rep you’ll build a blog about how to avoid negative legal issues.

You simply provide your readers free tips and then offer your products as the logical “best” solution to their problems that they…

…and here’s the KICKER…

…that they have TOLD YOU they have by searching in a search engine (like Google) for ways to alleviate the pain your products solve.

You already know how to blog about this because I know if you and I were sitting at Starbucks you’d be able to tell me all about how you and your company…

…simply blog as if you’re talking to me at a 1on1 meeting and tell me all about it!

If I have the pain you help solve (and I would, because I found your blog typing in keywords around that pain/problem) I’m likely to become your “lead”.

That’s how all the big network marketing leaders are able to recruit 2-5 people EVERY SINGLE DAY. They’re prospecting 24/7 and using the Law of Large Numbers (the Internet) in their favor.

How a Blog Leads To MLM Lead Generation

Proper Use of Blog for Best MLM Leads

Proper Use of Social Media

Proper Use of Social Media

Read my blog post about how to use social media w/o spamming

How To Increase Sales By 47%

Once you have your blog set up (I teach you two methods here) you’ll be able to link your blog readers over to your company replicated website or store and pick up sales.

The best method, however, calls for linking your blog readers to a way for them to become your best MLM leads.

You’ll need 2 simple pieces of software:

  • Landing Page Software
  • Autoresponder

Landing page software allows you to set up “pretty” pages that encourage your readers to enter their email for more info from you. Bingo! You’ve just created a lead.

Your autoresponder is the software you’ll log into that allows you to write an email to all your leads and offer them further great content or directly invite them to buy from you or join your downline.

This is called followup. Yup! Even your followup becomes automated when you get good at this 🙂

And consistent followup has been proven to increase your sales by 47%.

Here’s the landing page software I use and the autoresponder I use (if you buy through those links, those companies will pay me a commission…at no extra cost to you…thank you!)

If you’d like to read more about how getting good at email followup will increase your sales, this is a quality white paper about it.

And Hubspot has excellent stats on all this, including how more landing pages = more targeted leads.

Ready To Generate The Best MLM Leads?

OK, so are you ready to start generating the very best quality network marketing leads for your home business?

Let me recap the steps and offer more advice I learned from Chris:

  1. Avoid “junk” lead sources like biz opp or Co-registration leads
  2. Avoid getting in legal trouble w/ MLM Genealogy Leads
  3. Stop thinking like a “rep” for your company
  4. Start thinking like a “real” entrepreneur
  5. Take the advice of Chris Brogan and Micheal Hyatt: start a blog (by the way, MLM industry leaders like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Melanie Milletics & Sarah Robbins blogged their way to superstardom…please THINK about what you’re seeing out there)
  6. Blog about the problems your products solve
  7. Attract readers already searching for those solutions
  8. Invite your readers to become your prospect w/ your landing pages & autoresponder
  9. Use social media to bring more attention to your blog

That’s it! That’s all I do and it’s all any successful online business owner does to create 2-5 sales or reps per day.

One Last Tip For Getting The Best MLM Leads

One last tip from Chris, who I quoted above as saying:

“No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.”

He goes on to teach that we should all keep it simple (especially in the beginning) in terms of social media promotion of our blog content.

This means that after you’ve set up your blog, then decide between the Big 3 in terms of how you’ll promote your business further:

  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • Webinars

Choose ONE. Use it religiously. Then, select one or two other social channels to build a community on.

I recommend either Twitter or Instagram, as they’re arguably the easiest to build quickly.

That’s the plan, my friend.

Let me harness my Vince Lombardi side: It’s likely that you think the above is too much work. Well, if you do then you haven’t been beaten up enough by the warm market, 3-foot rule, crawl the mall nonsense “marketing” methods yet. Go back to them and come back when you’re ready 🙂

Let me harness my Mother Theresa side: If you’re like I was a few years (beat up and tired of failing) & you’re ready to start running your business like a true entrepreneur then I want to say this to you:

You have all it takes inside you! You can do this. Work it one step at a time.

Be easy on yourself as you go through the learning curve. Allow yourself to feel frustrated once in a while and overwhelmed. That means you’re learning new stuff…a good thing!

By the way, I also offer a service where I’ll build out your blog FOR YOU. I offer 10, 20, 35 or 50 page Blog Build services. If you feel you don’t have enough time to get everything started, click here to contact me. I’ll be in touch with more details.

Did you enjoy today’s post? Learn something new about generating the best MLM leads? How will you start using this marketing knowledge in your home business? Let me know in the comments below…

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    I’m always open to improvement/refinement but this is marketed as a kind of “black box” with contents unknown and it seemed to be a complete mystery what was actually being provided.

    • Matt Zavadil

      Thanks for stopping by Christine. Blogging is a tried and true method for generating traffic, leads and sales. Content creation is in fact what Google bases everything on in terms of serving their end user with the content they’re seeking. I would highly encourage you to visit sites of the two industry experts I mentioned above. They’re great resources to help further regarding the concept of content creation, blogging and attracting more leads/sales for your home business. Have a great one! Matt

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    I was never first on my leads and I found out it’s because my competitor is using Zuumlead. I’ve tried to beat him but it’s not possible. They only offer their service to one client per area so I’m out of luck.